They Make it Look A Lot Easier/ Am I Really That White?

While I was growing up I considered my parents to be mildy lenient when it came to rules compared to some of my friends. We were allowed to watch pretty much anything that didn't completely freak my mom out (save for The Simpsons, which my mother hated with a passion).

"haters." - Mel
A different rule in my house was that my sister and I weren't allowed to date or wear makeup until we were 13. Sometimes 13 felt forever away and other times I grinned as I found most of my friends were restricted till the age of 16.

"not that it mattered because the only time you had a boyfriend in your teens was at 14 for a week" - Mel

I'm gifted with a selective memory. I remember random events in my life, some important, some not at all. The only makeup I tried at 13, when I was finally allowed, was some kind of black eyeliner and gray sparkly shadow I had smudged across my eyes. Not only did I mildly terrify myself but stabbing my self in the eye with a pencil felt like a lot more work than it was worth. Needless to say the makeup thing didn't catch on with me. My sister wore makeup on and off in her teens and more frequently during her senior year and there after. I wore lip gloss occasionally for a few hours before licking it off, every once in a great while I tried the pencil in my eye thing again and lined my eyeballs. Mascara was out of the question unless I was going to a dance. "again not that it mattered because you never went with a date"- Mel A few times my sister attacked me with foundation and I learned what it must be like to be a painting, trapped under thick layers of whatever that junk is made out of. I didn't hate makeup, I felt pretty when I wore it and other people told me so too. Usually in strange ways that felt like only half a compliment.
"You look so much prettier with make up on!"
As of lately, and partially part of a super secret project I'm going to be doing very soon...
"adding 'super' to it doesn't make it cooler." - Mel
I've decided to give this whole make up thing another go. I've already started wearing makeup stuffs more than I ever did in high school but by a change-up I mean I'm experimenting with different styles, and also doing more than stealing my mom's bare minerals, guessing at how to apply it and calling it a day. I've always been somewhat inspired by the many video tutorials I've seen on YouTube about makeup application and such (and by inspired I mean I subscribe or watch them once and never revisit them again). Since I've cut out eating out completely from my diet I've had a little extra cash to spend so I decided to buy my own supplies. But where to begin? I didn't have a single clue until I caught this video by YouTuber/Makeup Extraordinaire Kandee Johnson:

clicking this picture should take you to the video 

And she used 'drugstore' brand products. So cheap shiz for the win! Also because I'm even cheaper, I found an awesome coupon for a buck off L'Oreal Paris products on their website and through, where I ended up buying mine. It took me a while to figure out what color was right for me because I'm still a makeup amateur and finding liquid skin to match your neck is hard. *insert sadface emoticon here*

Since I was there and already spending monies, I decided to look into getting some other stuff. Until I found out that most makeup will cost you your first born and a blood sample.
"ooh bloood"- Mel
Luckily, I found an entire section that had my name written all over it. E.l.f. makeup, one dollar stuff and some for only three bucks and I couldn't believe it. All of it looked really nice for being so cheap. Of course I was weary of it all because usually stuff that cheap is total crap, but thank god for cellphones and the internet. A quick search on my phone and apparently even Oprah likes this stuff. And who argues with Oprah? I mean really?

I got a bunch of stuff, and I could because everything is really cheap. My favorite are their studio brushes that run for about $3 each. They're black, look cool, and feel nice when I'm using them. Sure I don't have a whole lot to compare by, but from someone who is used to using those tiny little applicators and cotton swabs for makeup, this is a nice upgrade.
After forking over my hard earned monies to the lovely people at Target, I headed home and quickly looked up Kandee's video for eyebrow tweasing. That's the weirdest word ever isn't it? Twease...Tweasing...I'm spelling that wrong or something. Anyway, a great video on it is here.


Not too bad if I do say so myself. Specially for being the first time I've ever actually tweased my own eyebrows... In retrospect that could have gone horribly wrong. And yes that is Avril Lavigne on my wall, its been up there so long even I forget I have it.

So then I did this to my face after I tamed the mane that was on my forehead:

Either I need to go a shade darker or come to terms with just how white I really am.
"Accept it now." - Mel
I'm sure I've got plenty more practice before I get the hang of it, but I did enjoy it. Of course a lot of those videos look a lot easier than they are, in my opinion, but they were still very helpful. Soon I'll be ready to move on to my next look:


  1. Heidi said...:

    I LOVE KANDEE!!!!!! I've followed her for years. She's taught me soooo much about makeup. I'm not even kidding you.

    You look great! (either way) ;)

  1. Teresa said...:

    You've always been pretty, but I love the makeup as well! :D

  1. Mutzie said...:

    Thank you darlin :)