Apparently I Have Nice Things & Why I Shouldn't Have Days Off

Don't you hate it when you sit down to start something and then suddenly you have to-

"Oh god don't be one of those bloggers that get way too personal, okay no one wants to picture you in the bathroom" - Mel
Moving on, yesterday was a day off for me. The night before, I set my alarm to wake up early in order to do this thing called "productivity", which I guess is essential in adulthood...or something. After hitting the snooze button on my cellphone to the point where it flew off my desk and got lost on the floor somewhere I awoke sometime after noon wondering where my day had gone. On a side note: Really I have the best mattress in the world and anyone who would have the privilege of sleeping in my bed would never blame me for sleeping in or taking lots of naps.
"You should change your major to nap studies." - Mel

Since I love data entry, I stopped into work to take care of a few projects I had to get done. I knew that I was getting paid in a few days and I hadn't made a good trip to the thrift store lately. My foot tapped impatiently under my desk with every keystroke. Sheet after sheet, entering it into a Microsoft Excel spread sheet and I could smell the dusty book covers already. Musty blazers, stirrup pants, and broken jewelry calling my name. After putting in a good solid two hours I punched out and headed to Goodwill. Some people work 8 hours a day 7 days a week, and I wonder "when do they find the time to rifle through the $1.49 bins?"

Now that I've painted a lovely picture of what an unproductive lazy citizen I am, lets move straight to the goods. 

Browsing Pinterest one night (something I'm convinced was created by both God & the Devil...), I found a pin for an oh so [insert girly word for good looking] project using an old frame to hang necklaces. I'd done something similar with a frame for all the earrings I found hiding in my room, and since I probably had equal the amount of necklaces roaming around I decided, why not? 

the girl who did this one used drills and paint
a bunch of other stuff I skipped....
"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say your obsession with thrift-craft had 
something to do with it too" - Mel

The frame I purchased was created to hold a calendar, because hanging it straight on the wall isn't fancy enough.  It was about $3.99 and I imagine once held a calendar with country apples or fuzzy faded cats and bible verses. After a quick trip to Menards to pick up some screw in hooks that were about $1.98 or something because keeping receipts is for losers.-"and people who wonder where all their money went.."- Mel - I headed home to pop out the back of the frame and put the hooks in.
I used two different sizes, large ones and some smaller ones
evenly spaced out on the frame.
Thankfully I already had the necessary hardware to add my own...thingys... on the back to hang it up on a wall. You know the things on the back of pictures? Fun Fact: that is the technical term. Then after putting some nails in the wall, my parents will thank me for that later, I was filled with glee at my creation.
pictured here with one necklace...I totally crooked
on my wall..
After fixing its blatant crookedness..-"I'm guessing levelers are for losers too?" - Mel -and adding more necklaces I found floating around in my room...

ohemgee so kahyutes!
Suddenly I became aware that I have nice stuff. Somehow, organizing and displaying my things in such a manner that appears neat and pretty proved that I DO have cool stuffs. Go. Figure.
thumbs up, you kind of sort of did something today
Just goes to show that you can thrift with a purpose! I made something useful AND I will probably start wearing necklaces because I can actually see them...

Oh and I also bought a pearl necklace, a new sweater, a dress, two tops and an anklet.
"I'm sure those were all tools needed to make the jewelry holder.." - Mel 
"You shut up!" - Mutzie

[Link] to blog where I found the project.


  1. Teresa said...:

    Love the DIY! :D Glad to know someone besides me likes stuff along those lines!

  1. Mutzie said...:

    for sure! My parents hate it because I have crafty things EVERYWHERE but I loooove diy stuffs :)