Accidentally Cute and Thrift-a-licious Finds

If you've ever had the misfortune of losing something in my bedroom, you would find first a plethora of crafty odds and ends. While tiny, I've managed to make my space into a little den of creativity. That is, if creativity were vomited into a hurricane. Yeah so it's a giant mess. On nights before my days off I spend time laying in bed doing the exact same thing: going over in my mind all the awesome projects I'm going to do, start, or continue doing the next day. Then what follows is me sleeping in entirely too late and sitting on my bed talking myself out of every project I come up with. Don't really feel like knitting today, painting makes too much of a mess, I could draw but...

It's a disastrous circle and makes me wonder how I've actually come to create anything. Case in point, this blog has been sitting here for days. This account, even longer. I've just finished watching Paper Man, a story about an old writer who can't seem to figure out what to do with his hands, spends the majority of his time in solitude, and longs for just one friend. Depressingly, it reminded me of myself. But on the flip side I'm suddenly inspired to write my first post and here we go, BOOM:


Is the name of my hairstyle today. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I recognize I have the hair millions of women would kill for. Full body, luscious curls and waves, and I some how manage to keep it that "why is my hair so shiny looking?" healthy. Go figure. Then again, I have to deal with humidity, the actual weight of my hair (yes hair this thick is really heavy), and trying to manage it period. Anyway, more often than not, instead of dealing with it I throw it up in a ponytail or some kind of half-assed messy bun. And so that's how I sleep. Often I wake up the next morning missing whatever hair tie was holding the beast that is my hair or with some kid of bulbous wad of hair atop my hair in a bizarre angle. Today it was at the side of my head. Almost perfectly. So I kept it that way.

I woke up with my face expressive on 
only one side too apparently.

This happens to me only once in a great while. I can't imagine what tossing and turning I had to do in order to come up with this, but Lord knows I couldn't manage it awake. So for that I am eternally grateful to the magical hair styling elves that visit me. Please come over more often. 

here's one where I stifle my awkwardness.

brilliant! people will believe I live in a little hillside 
village made entirely of thread.

 I would have taken a picture looking the other way but from that angle you can see just how odd looking my skull is and we can't have that now can we? Although I did think to maybe put something behind me to hide how unorganized I live but I could only find this old cross stitch portrait that I have yet to do something with.


I think you should know this about me before we take our relationship any further. I wear clothes and sometimes entire outfits two (or even several - when I've misplaced my girliness) days in a row. Maybe I'm dirty, maybe I'm lazy, maybe I hate doing laundry, or maybe I'm being resourceful or something. It's likely a combination of- no I'm lazy.

So quick background - I've become slightly addicted to shopping at Goodwill. And any other thrift type stores that don't completely creep me out (you know what I mean, those second hand stores on some random block that are super shady).
Mutzie vs Mel
Mel: way to be a hipster
Mutzie: you promised you'd never call me that
Mel: I feel it is my duty to inform you of these things,
 like how wrong you were for hating that one band
Mutzie: what band?
Mel: I'd let you borrow their CD but I only have it on vinyl

Along with my family, I've become really surprised just how many awesome things I've found there. It's definitely ignited a new love of shopping in me. Of course losing about 30 or so pounds has helped too but I'm sure I'll remember to talk about that later... 

The last few times I've gone I was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of awesomeness. So I decided to treat the eyes of my fellow students yesterday (and whoever saw me again today because I'm too grody to wear new clothes..).
Myspace called it wants its photo taking format back.
"I'm defriending you for using that joke" - Mel

Fun Fact: those shoes made my heels bleed all day. 
But dammit I looked cute. 
The blouse top - Pure Energy $3.99 Goodwill
Jeans - Source of Wisdom brad - $7.99 Goodwill
Shoes - Merona (thirsty for blood) $3.99 Goodwill

After all that win, I topped it off with a necklace I bought at Maurices maybe 3 or 4 years ago that I had yet to wear.

My only regret, besides not wearing socks to protect my poor heels - "war wounds, mmm blood everywhere!" - Mel - is that I didn't run into more people to show off my awesome bohoesque outfit. Next time I'll have to go up to random strangers again. 

And now I leave you with this man. 

what else are libraries for?