Mustache Wednesday

There are many names for today. Wednesday, Hump Day, Thank God Its Almost Friday, or Wed-Nes-day if you're like me and you have to pronounce it that way every time you spell it.

Confession: I cheated on a spelling test in second grade. Maybe that was the day I was supposed to learn how to spell Wednesday without sounding it out in my head like that... Don't cheat kids. You will become a dumb adult.
Today however I propose a new name. And that name is:

Mustache Wednesday

Okay so that's not so much a rename for today but more of a celebration of mustachios. And I totally stole it from one of my new favorite YouTube series SourceFed. If you haven't heard of it there's something wrong with you.
"there's already something wrong with them if they're reading this" - Mel

SourceFed is a new show developed by Phillip Defranco, another Youtuber I've followed for a few years. Basically they produce videos about news stories throughout the day in a segment called " 20 minutes or less", the stories are top stories from the day as they happen or as the staff likes them I guess. Three of them are commonly on there, Joe Bereta, Lee Newton (I play favorites and its her), and Elliot Morgan, but every now and again they have a guest or someone standing in. Needless to say, and I wouldn't expect any less from the Defranco company, its highly enjoyable and often hilarious but also informative. So today they've been wearing mustaches in their videos and commenters have dubbed it Mustache Wednesday. So all I'm saying is that, this is definitely something I could get behind.

this is an oldie but a goodie. I don't often remember to bring
My mustache to school with me...
"you stole my glasses" - Mel

I grew that myself.


  1. Heidi said...:

    I'd love Tuesday....but I really mustache.

    OMG, I'm so proud of myself for that first part, not gonna lie.

  1. Mutzie said...:

    I'm not gonna lie, that was golden.